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Post-Plywood: Monsieur Marcel II

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We had the crazy idea of going to the Third Street Promenade this weekend---damn, that place is a freakin' circus on Saturdays---and after walking by it a million times, we finally realized that the other half of the newsstand on Arizona and Third (right in front of Lago) is the new Monsieur Marcel offshoot. Few, if any, cafes have been successful in this spot, but Marcel could be a perfect fit: The building looks lifted straight from a Parisian street; there's plenty of outdoor seating especially for those who like to watch all the action; and just as the original is in the historic Farmers Market, the new location will be adjacent to the weekly Santa Monica farmer's market. The menu will be more tailored to this locale (the kitchen is teensy), but expect cheeses, wines, breads, salads, sandwiches. Owner Stephane Strouk told us he hopes to open next Monday, November 12, but of course he's at the will of the final inspectors.

The petit interior

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