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Liveblogging Whole Foods: Nothing Like a Glass of Wine Before Hitting Aisle 4

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Enomatic madness. Whole Foods Arroyo, 11/7/07

Damn that John Mackey: We're never walking into a Ralph's again, and it's not just because we get a discount at Whole Foods (family ties). A woman who just stopped in front of us with her cart filled with flowers and the usual WF goods, sipping something from a cup, sums it up best: “Amazing.” Everyone’s just kind of in awe of the store, for its mega-ness, especially the older people (several caught tasting in the wine bar in between shopping lists, which is just fantastic). People going crazy for the free samples everywhere, so it begs the question: Do they care that Whole Foods just opened a nearly 80,000-square-foot grocery/lifestyle store in their neighborhood, or do they just like free food?

The wine and tapas bar. A hit.

Surveying produce and seafood (house-smoked scallops!) on the first floor, we immediately made our way to the wine and tapas bar. We took the escalator; the cartolator took our cart. Stopping for a taste of Nickel & Nickel chard or a St. Bernardus ale...this is the only way to shop. The tapas menu is basically cheese and charcuterie, and at least today, nice size portions. The cheese is fresh, comes with bread. Enomatic prices, from what we could see, are around $2.99 to $11.99 for one-ounce tastes. Glasses are five ounces. Overheard: "Now this is a great place to meet women."

Wine and tapas menus, mostly cheese and charcuterie

Our new office. WiFi rocks.

We'll make our way to sample the Korean barbecue soon, maybe stop by the nut roaster (stop it), and then see what that massage room is all about. Ridiculous. A woman in the elevator said she loves the store, but she'll still probably shop at the other Pasadena Whole Foods. "This is just too much."

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