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Live Feed From Urth: Beam Us Out

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Instead of chasing down Britney or following drunk girls outside Les Deux, TMZ set up a camera outside of Urth Caffe on Melrose for a live lunch feed. It's now dead (literally seconds after someone sent it to us)****, so we don't know how long the cameraman was there watching customers come and go and eat, but the point was to "see if you can catch a celeb." Alas, no Entourage stars, no Jake G., no that chick Hayden from Heros. What did a get some face time on the website? The Urth Caffe menu. Letting paparazzi stand outside your restaurant to their website? Hmmm. Not sure which is worse: That or this.

***UPDATE***: We hear the cameras went dark for a bit because the cops tried to nip that action in the bud. Apparently TMZ won, because the live feed of nobodies is back up!
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