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A Note From the (Former) Trifecta Chef

Chef Will Gotay, the opening exec chef from Trifecta, sends some thoughts last night. Trifecta is the "sports lounge" that opened downtown in January, then closed in July, then filed for Chapter 11 in September, then reopened last month. We heard the restaurant was going through changes---the Downtown News said new management, daily happy hour specials, billiards and foosball lounge, revamped and cheaper menu---but apparently Gotay wasn't kept in the loop for all the plans:

Just want to let Eater LA and all the "foodies" who read or submit to your website know that I'm no longer executive chef at Trifecta Restaurant Lounge. It was rather unexpected, but after over a year of loyal service, the powers that be decided they needed to "go in another direction". So if you go there, don't expect the same food, and if you call and ask if I'm still there and they say I am - they're lying. I wish them luck in their endeavors. I will let you know where I land. I've received some offers - both, local as well as in other states, although I'm not planning on leaving the area.
Note to chefs: We love drunk-dialed emails. Don't. Ever. Stop. Gotay previously worked at Citizen Smith and Mastro's, both times with chef Taylor Boudreaux. Boudreaux, if you're interested, is now the executive chef at California Cafe in Los Gatos.
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