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Week in Reviews: Three Forks Chop House in Claremont, Plus V-Vin Bar, Bashan and More Elsewhere

S. Irene Virbila hops in the sedan and heads to Claremont, a foothill community in the San Gabriel Valley, for meat galore at Three Forks Chop House. She calls the two-month-old restaurant "an event for locals and worth a drive for those of us who live farther away" because of its rustic charm and a "sophisticated" menu. In addition to working around LA, chef Eric Osley has ties to Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck in England, so there's some pedigree. Miss Irene enjoyed almost everything she tries---the prime aged meats, the skinny fries, other side dishes.

Something about this contemporary chophouse is reminiscent of Craft, Tom Colicchio's New York (and now Century City) restaurant...As young as it is, Three Forks Chop House already has a distinct sense of place. It's an easygoing tribute to the West with a menu that melds the chophouse with California cuisine in a way that makes sense.
We're unsure about that Craft reference, but the foothill restaurant now has almost as many stars as Colicchio's Century City spot: two-and-a-half. Today the "S." stands for "smitten." [LAT]

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