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BREAKING: Michelin Star Spoiler Alert

The first Los Angeles Michelin Guide is only days away from launching---the official announcement comes Monday 11/12, the book available to the public on 11/14---and so far, the Michelin peeps have kept mum about who's getting what. It's supposed to be a huge secret, that director Jean-Luc Naret will call all the starred chefs on Monday to tell them the good news, and invite them to a party at Les Deux that night to celebrate. Well someone else out there knows: We received a few unconfirmed reports disclosing which Los Angeles chefs are getting the coveted Michelin stars. We'll say it gain: All completely unconfirmed, but too good to keep to ourselves.

Word on the street is that Sona, Joe's in Venice, Patina and Providence all scored one star. We're sure there are plenty more, but this is all we've heard so far. There are only three two-star winners: Spago, Urasawa and Melisse. No three stars, which is to be expected (the only three star chef in San Francisco is Thomas Keller). Story developing.
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