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More Whole Foods Than We Can Handle

Cheese counter, 11/7/07

Just a few more snaps from our afternoon of wining and dining sampling at the new Pasadena mega Whole Foods (and we weren't the only ones). Final verdict: The place is damn fancy, and extras like the wine bar, the smoked fish and meats (the brisket was delicious), the handmade tortillas, the jam station are definitely worth checking this place out. With all the in-dining options, never will you have to go shopping hungry again. (We're still waiting to hear if you can buy a sandwich or pizza and take into the wine bar to eat with a glass of wine.) But in the end, yes, it's just a Whole Foods. Running in and out for something is not an option: The place is huge, the elevators to the parking garage are a little cumbersome for carts (only two or so can fit in at a time), and some of the aisles are like a maze. But, still, it has everything.

Spell check at the cheese counter, please!

Truffles galore

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