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Sebastian's Kitchen Nightmare: Ramsay Loses All Faith in One Toluca Lake Chef

If you didn't catch Kitchen Nightmares last night, you missed the epitome of a guy, a wannabe actor who woke up one day and said, "Hey, you know what, honey? I want to open a restaurant!" So he got his wife to drop $300k into a "concept" that's so clever, no one gets it. That would be Sebastian of Sebastian's in Toluca Lake, known for it's "20 gourmet sauces" that you can dump on any meat, seafood or mushroom cap, all pre-made, pre-packaged and cost-effective (in his eyes). It was truly entertaining to watch Gordon Ramsay pound it into Sebastian's head that his concept is ridiculous and the food even worse. Ramsay streamlined the menu, gave the place a makeover, and made use of woodfire ovens that were apparently just for show before. Real or not, the staff was happy with the changes, Sebastian's wife looked happy, but this pig-headed chef/owner failed to see the forest through the broccoli spears. Eater commenters note that Ramsay usually returns to see how a restaurant is doing after his KN visit, but that didn't happen for Sebastian's. Probably because it doesn't have a chance in hell. Sebastian threw away all the advice, all the exposure he got on national TV, and went right back to his own ways: The choose-your-own-sauce menu, it's back. Watch the full episode here.
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