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The Dish Eastside: Mes Amis, Brownstone Pizza

LOS FELIZ: Eating L.A. stopped by the week-old Mes Amis, which is owned by a former partner at Figaro across the street, and located in what was once half of Tiger Lily next door. How communal. And because it shares the liquor license with the lounge, hard liquor and wine can equally be consumed. Mes Amis is obviously French, with entrees around $30 with a $20 pizza. Mon dieu! [1745 N Vermont Ave., 323.665.7810]

EAGLE ROCK: Pfft. Who cares about Joe's. The Eastside now has Brownstone Pizza, a NYC slice that's making some waves on Chowhound. Open a few weeks ago next to the Colorado Wine Company, it's turning out the greasy, oozy, just the right sauce and cheese, they say. Probably not better than Casa Bianca nearby, just different. [2108 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, 323.257.4992]