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EaterWire: Miaafe Cafe, Gaucho Grill WeHo, and More Randomness From the Mailbag

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VENICE: A reader queries about Miaafe Café: "I'm curious about this place. Is it open? It's on 17th and speedway, I used to jog around there and never noticed it. I called and no one answered. Then I called the original location, and no one picked up there either. Did Miaafe close down?" That's a good question. As the tipster says, no one picks up at the number called, but a little Googling and we found this real estate listing for the 17th Street location. That sounds like closed to us, but if someone knows more, do tell. [Eaterwire Inbox]

WEST LA: The Italian classic Dante Restaurant at 11917 Wilshire Blvd., which as our reader put it, "has been there seemingly forever," will become something called Kiyomizo, operated by Tetsuya Yamaguchi. We don't know when Dante's closed (the number is disconnected), but it's been there since 1974. [Eaterwire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Another tipster sends word about a Gaucho Grill: "Was at the Sunset Blvd location a few weeks ago and found that the entire menu had been shrunk to a much smaller version. After driving by the other day I noticed that all the windows were papered over. The phone message indicates that they will be closed until February.....right." Totally sends up red flags. [Eaterwire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We're told that Fubar has taken on new partners and is being converted to Libertine. [Eaterwire Inbox]