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EaterWire: SusieCakes Doubles, Susan Feniger's "Street Food" in June, Albano's Pizzeria Shuttered

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CALABASAS: A Valley spy tells us that SusieCakes opened its new location on Saturday: "The inside is very modern simple bakery case with nice looking cakes. The only problem I had was that none of the items in the bakery case had prices. And they don't open till 10 which is too late especially on the weekends. The cupcakes were nice and moist priced at 3 dollars each. I got the butterscotch pudding, and it was amazing flavor but not worth $4.95. I think it's a good addition. We needed an overpriced cake place around here." Sarcasm is always a good foil for too much sugar. A call to the shop confirmed: Open for business every day but Sunday. 23653 Calabasas Rd., 818.591.2223. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: A FOE (Friend of Eater) got more deets on Susan Feniger's upcoming solo project: "So I went to a cooking demonstration at Border Grill on Saturday and afterwards as Mary Sue and Susan were signing books I asked her about the new restaurant. She told me that the cuisine was going to be "street foods from around the globe" and said that the projected opening date was going to be June." Nice work, Grasshopper. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: From a tipster a few days ago: "I went by Albanos Pizzeria on Melrose today and there was an eviction notice on the door from the sheriff. A very sad day. Hopefully not permanent." We have few details on this, and no one's answering the phone at Albano's to verify. [EaterWire Inbox]