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Eater Inside: Yamato

From the mezzanine, Alen Lin, 12/7/07

Here we have Yamato, which opened last week in the emptied Eurochow building in Westwood. All the mezzanines, columns and dramatic arches are still there, but the entire space looks more streamlined, less '90s. We'll take the birds-eye view seating, please. While we haven't seen the full menu yet (to come), chef Toshi Tamba worked at Okada at the Wynn Las Vegas and the sushi chef hails from Matsuhisa, so that should count for something. The steak frites sound intriguing, served with fig sauce and fries made from Japanese mountain potatoes. We also don't know the price point yet, but we're told owner Ken Oyadomari is "committed to bringing high quality at reasonable prices." Yet to be seen, especially for the student-heavy neighborhood. More info here and here.

From the front

Lots of room at sushi bar