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Eater Sneak Peek: Akasha Restaurant

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Akasha Richmond took down the Plywood and opened her eponymous Culver City restaurant for a a private shindig last night. (We didn't see Dennis Kucinich, but he and his wife were there. Dammit!) Akasha will be a neighborhood breakfast-lunch-dinner space, very "green," right down to the hemp aprons and organic jeans the staff will wear. It was pretty crowded and difficult to see everything, but we're told recycled building materials were used (glass tiles, reclaimed wood), the furniture is made of organic leather and hemp fabrics, and even the menus and to-go products are biodegradeable. This goes along with Richmond's food philosophy (organic, no preservatives, sustainable fisheries and farmers), which makes this just about the greenest restaurant we've seen in LA in a long time (ever?). The building retains its historic bones (the former San Gennaro restaurant) with super high ceilings and arched windows, and the design feels very San Francisco or New York. The bad news: Akasha probably won't open to the public before the holidays. The good news: It's several New Year resolutions wrapped up in one.

Another view of the main dining room. Really. Huge.

There's a spacious L-shaped bar, which we imagine will be filled with stools at some point. On the other side, a bakery, counter and cafe.

The little bit of food we tried, very tasty. And lots of it; a plus for an opening party.