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Downtown Plywood: Tranquility Base, Oh! at the O Hotel

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Earth to Tranquility Base. Photo from Angelenic

DOWNTOWN: The seasonal-specific Tranquility Base restaurant (on the ground floor of the SkyLofts at 801 S. Grand Ave.) hopes to open on December 26. Yes, this December 26. As seen above, there's still much work to be done but the build-out is moving along; the liquor license is in place, staffing has begun. Owner David Tardif envisions hookah nights and full-moon dinners, and a “high-quality chef has been informally selected," but no real word on the menu. By the sounds of it, you'd think no one's ever infused vodka with fruit or herbs before. [Angelenic]

DOWNTOWN: A tipster sends an update on Oh! Restaurant at the Orchid Hotel O Hotel: "It was set to open on Sept. but due to the delays I believe they will be opening on New Years Eve." We actually had the date as November, so January sounds right on target. [EaterWire Inbox]