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Kitchen Nightmares in Ventura Co.: The Secret Garden

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The season finale of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares airs tomorrow night (9pm, FOX), and he ends his antics in Ventura County, Moorpark to be exact, at The Secret Garden. The clips are cringe-worthy, especially if you were one of chef Michel Bardavid's customers before the show. The kitchen scene---the one where Ramsay goes ballistic in a dirty refrigerator---is classic. Ok, gross really. Watch a couple previews on the KN website, or here, after the jump.

Of the two other Los Angeles-area restaurants that Ramsay paid a visit, Sebastian's in Toluca Lake and Lela's in Pomona, only one remains open (but went back to the crazy mulitple-choice menu that makes sense to no one but the owner). Will Ramsy be 1-2 or 2-1 in LA?

Can I get you some cheese or fresh broccoli to go with that mold?

The pissing match