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Adventures in Advertising: Carl's Jr. Burger Picks

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This has been gnawing at us. Carl's Jr. started running an ad for its Six Dollar Portobello Mushroom Burger a couple months ago, one that rattles off names of restaurants that charge more than $6 for their gourmet burgers (who doesn't?). The Los Angeles restaurant mentioned is The Backyard, which had us saying every time, "Do they mean the Backyard at the W?" And if so, why the Backyard at the W? So we finally asked: Yes, it's the Backyard at the Westwood hotel.

The marketing geniuses at Carl's Jr. probably took interest after Tom Felicia's new design of the poolside restaurant was announced earlier this year. It was buzzed in the news a lot, so they thought it was a hot spot. No one from the hotel even knew until after the commercial ran. True, the Backyard has an $18 burger on the menu, and you can have portobello added by request. Add on that hefty W valet fee, and it's more like a $40 burger, but probably still better than Carl's Jr. We're not sure about the "call in advance" part, but you'll have to wait until it's warm again to see for yourself.