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Fall Tracking Report: Jian Korean BBQ

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Fall is a time for restaurant openings. Lots of them. Restaurateurs will make promises, excite us, with their grand plans. Consider this here the intel you need to keep abreast of it all—and start obsessing at just the right moment.

Jian Korean BBQ
8256 Beverly Blvd, Mid-City; phone TBA

Initial Debut Projection: Mid-September
Current Debut Projection: December 2007
Eater Projected Opening Date: Jan/Feb 2008

There's just something about Jian that makes us think it won't open well until the new year---if at all. The Korean barbecue restaurant looked interesting in the renderings, and sneaking past the Plywood we saw some nice design on the outside. The Jia Hospitality Kitchen group completely gutted Solare, nee Em Bistro, to construct table-top grills with state-of-the-art ventilation and a lounge. We stumbled upon the demolition in March; the owners sounded pretty postitive that Jian would open in September, and last month a tipster suggested it could be any day now. But Plywood still covers the front, the "coming soon" signs still hang. Today, a reader tipped us off: "About a month ago (end of October) they tried to get a permit to serve alcohol and stay open until 2AM --i.e. sneak under the radar as a club-- which the neighborhood protested at a City Hall hearing. I haven't heard the outcome of the protest, nor have I heard anything about the place." That makes two of us, but really...a 2am license? What were they thinking? Keeping eyes peeled and ears open. Updates to come.
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