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Plywood Special Report: Cake Monkey

HOLLYWOOD/WEHO: When we heard that Elizabeth Belkind was no longer involved with Reservoir in Silver Lake, we (as well as a stalker commenter "in love" with Belkind) wondered where the former Grace pastry chef was going. Thanks to a little tiny mention in a LAT Magazine article this weekend, now we know: Belkind is partnering with Lisa Olin to open Cake Monkey Bakery early next year. Olin tells us that they're looking at a space on Fairfax between Waring and Willoughby, and even had a preview at Cook's Library last week to introduce themselves to the neighbors. While the bakery logistics are hammered out, the two are currently taking special orders. Think three-inch mini cakes (Boston Cream Pie, honey ricotta cheesecake) and homeade Sno-balls, Ho-Hos and Pop Tarts. Have a peek at the menu.
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