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The Dish: Chloe, Mamash Open

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More Dish coming your way. See something open, or about to, in your neck of the woods? Feel free to drop in anytime.

SANTA MONICA: We forgot to poke our head into Chloe yesterday, but it opens in the former Voda spot tonight. Don't bother looking for a sign, but it's the door to the left of the Hotel Carmel entrance. The space was stripped to the bones only a month ago, and now it's a modern take on a 1930s French lounge; think mirrors, sconces, textures. Owned by Laurie Mulstay and Ron Marino, it's somewhere between their other spots, Magnolia and The Bar in vibe (cocktails like a classic Pimms Cup, "cocktail food" like burgers, spiced nuts, olives). [1449 2nd Street, 310.899.6999]

WEST LA: Warren Bregman---owner, designer, builder---tells us Mamash opened for dinner this week. He says about the concept (we think): "The combination of the natural elements earth, wind, fire and water interacting and reacting to and with the human senses, sight, sound, taste and touch." That's no less confusing than, although similar to, what someone else told us in September. Mamash means "real or really" in Hebrew, and it's "Asian fusion kosher cuisine." Dinner for now, lunch coming in January. [9320 W Pico Blvd., 310.777.8370]