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Eater StarWatch: Jason Bateman at Lucques, Project Runway Elisa at Ammo, Larry David and MORE

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Sorry we've been off the StarWatch Radar for a couple weeks, but hey, hey, now we're back. We troll the gossip pages to find out where the stars masticate so you don't have to. Wanna share? Send your tips, sightings, stalkings here.

LUCQUES: From a tipster: " Hospitality recruiter Brad Metzger (haven't we all seen those ads?) seated at a table in between Jason Bateman and Ms. S. Irene Virbila herself. Who smells a review coming?" We can assure you: They weren't all at the same table, but wouldn't that be a story? [Starwatch Inbox]

AMMO: One of our Curbed siblings sent this: "Sunday Dec 9. We spotted Gwyneth Paltrow-cousin and Sally Hershberger-inspired, L Word star, Katherine Moennig sitting outside on the patio.Then we spotted current Project Runway contestant Elisa Jiminez, "who has come to our planet bearing gifts." She actually seemed very sweet and complimented me on my earrings, AND held the bathroom door open. Well-mannered and nice. Let's hope she can hang in there on PR without having to spit on fabric." Another tipster, also at brunch that day, said her husband called Elisa and friends "the worst dressed group of women in the room." Also spotted: Carla Gugino "looking, well, beautiful."

PAPERFISH: At a preview luncheon for Joachim's Splichal's new seafood spot, right after Thanksgiving, we spied former ER doc Eric LaSalle a few tables away. We caught his eye for a split second, long enough to realize who he was, but not enough time to see who he was with. [StarWatch]

CITIZEN SMITH: Question #1: Wasn't this Hollywood boite closing? Question #2: Why on earth was Larry King there? [Planet Gossip]

WILSHIRE: A "smoking hot young blonde" was having drinks with Larry David(12/6). "Not a daughter/relative/assistant b/c he was sitting on a bar stool and she was cozying up to him." [Defamer]

MILK: Someone spotted Seth Rogen waiting in line at the Beverly Boulevard ice cream shop. He was "with a petite, down-to-earth looking brunette." The two drove off in a brand new shiny black Lexus sedan. [Defamer]

LALA'S: On Saturday night (12/8) American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis "boisterously" entered and yet no fans approached. [Defamer]

MEXICO CITY: Superbad Michael Cera was in the back of the restaurant on 12/1 "having a delightful animated conversation with a young lady who was sitting on a brick wall." [Defamer]

KINGS ROAD: Adam Brody and "a super hot blond Australian" were overheard talking "projects." Also spotted: Scott Adsit (Peter on 30 Rock). [Defamer]