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Eater Inside: Monsieur Marcel SM

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Eater LA, 12/12/07

There isn't much 'inside' to the new Monsieur Marcel on the Third Street Promenade, which we checked out after a quick visit to the farmer's market yesterday. A few tables in the petit cafe, but the doors are wide open. Lots of tables along both ends of the building, with a short railing to give the illusion that the panhandlers can't reach you. You can see right into the kitchen on the side, and there's a to-go counter at the other end. The menu is much larger than we anticipated (based on what owner Stephane Strouk told us us a few weeks ago). The Frenchie faves are all there: Croque monsieur, steak or moule frites, cheeses and charcuterie, onion soup, salads, even foie gras and escargots. Decent wine-by-the-glass selection, too, just as the original Farmers Market location. Just think, sitting in the middle of the Promenade sipping wine while some street performer squawks until a crowd gathers. Should you like, the winter menu.


Ahh...most glasses of vin are half off

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