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What Kitchen Nightmares Can Do For You

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Whether Kitchen Nightmares actually improves business for a struggling restaurant is yet to be seen, but there are plusses. For instance, the The Secret Garden's website shut down today because the server is overloaded. So many people are checking the website even after seeing the dirty kitchen and the arrogant chef fighting Ramsay's changes. But it begs the question: Do they want to eat at the Secret Garden or see if it finally closed? Curious.

Something else can happen after a Ramsay visit: The health inspection report can go from 15 violations to just three. The Ventura County inspectors checked the Secret Garden in February 2007, when we think the show taped, and post-Ramsay in March. [Thank you, Eater commenters!] All the vermin, unsanitary conditions and past-due shellfish tag mistakes goes away after Gordo comes in and makes the staff clean the kitchen. Bonus.
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