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Riordan's Restaurant Empire: Village Pantry Opens Soon

Former mayor Richard Riordan has quite the little restaurant empire. He owns the Original Pantry downtown, and this summer opened the clubby Riordan's Tavern next door. He owns Gladstone's on the PCH, and this month he opens The Village Pantry in the Pacific Palisades. Riordan bought Mort's, open since 1974, earlier this year and closed in April for renovations.

According to a Craigslist ad, the deli "will be serving high quality soups, salads, sandwiches, deli case items, grab 'n go and take-out dinners.There will also be an upscale dinner restaurant on the other side called The Oak Room. Both restaurants will focus on locally grown or sourced California food with seasonal items and an emphasis on quality ingredients." We're told that renovations were pretty extensive, and the new deli should open between Christmas and New Year's. No debut dates for the Oak Room yet.
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Photo via the Palisades Post