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Eater Inside: Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant

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Alen Lin, 12/12/07

For something that's been around since 1945, we're a little ashamed we haven't been to Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant before. Of course, it's in a new location---the equally historic Matterhorn Chef---and it survived animal rights sit-ins and a robbery, but the gist is the same. The Monteleone family still owns and operates the restaurant, the menu is filled with Italian classics (ravioli, lasagna, veal scallopini), and it's probably good for what it is. But why it remains important: Barone's claims it was "the first restaurant to offer pizza in Southern California," and since Angelenos are in a pizza frenzy of late, the flat, thin crust rectangular pizza, covered end to end with cheese and toppings might be one to try. Plus, just look at those red booths.