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The Great Froyo Melt: Yogurtpia Meets an Early Demise

In the early days of the Frozen Yogurt War (March to be exact), we Plywooded Yogurtpia, which eventually opened in a former Mrs. Fields in what quickly became the Froyo Vortex. What chance do the small independents have against monster chains like Pinkberry, CeFiore and Red Mango? Little. From a tipster: "I noticed this weekend that one of the faux pinkberries (Yogurtpia) in West Hollywood already has brown paper all over their window. It seems the neighborhood's appetite for tangy frozen yogurt with breakfast cereal scattered on top isn't as insatiable as they thought." Yogurtpia was about a quarter-mile from the original Pinkberry, which wasn't the best business decision to begin with. The website alluded to LA domination, but for now, the original's phone is disconnected.
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