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More Les Deux Antics: Mike Malin Falls From Roof

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Ok, now we're starting to think the Dolce Group just wants a lot of free, cheap publicity. First, Mike Malin "celebrates" a Red Sox win in Denver. Then we see Lonnie Moore hawking himself on Millionaire Matchmaker, unfortunately one day before he's slapped with a nasty lawsuit from a girl who doesn't use the Millionaire Matchmaker. Today, we get this: "Rumor has it that Mike "Boogie" Malin (partner of the dolce group and winner of big brother 7) fell thru the skylight last Friday night at Les Deux and was rushed to the hospital." There was something about hanging out with Jennifer Capriati (the tennis player) after a Van Halen concert in the VIP room at Les Deux, which has access to the roof. According to Dolce PR (who's had quite the workout this week, to say the least), Malin decided he had to adjust some Christmas decorations on the roof, misstepped and slipped through the skylight that overlooks the nightclub. (Kids: Cocktails and Christmas decorations don't mix.) Capriati pulled him out, he's fine, but a little sore. This sounds like a typical move for anyone nicknamed "Boogie," but the timing just couldn't be more, um, ridiculous.
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