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What the F##K Is That Restaurant?

A faithful Fairfax District watcher sent a tip about the Carmelized Productions' (AKA Food Dudes, AKA Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo) catering kitchen/future restaurant on Fairfax: "The Food Dudes seem to have given their lime green storefront a black paint job, and peeled the paper off the windows. Up top is some slogan like "Censorship ain't worth a f**k" -- or something close to that. And inside it looks like the walls are adorned with rows of painted skateboards. Curious how this bodes for a restaurant opening?" Can't you just see these guys choosing a restaurant name like that, something that belies the tasty, sophisticated food within? Alas, no. Dotolo told us it's for an art exhibit that's currently in the space, which will come down this week. No new details on the restaurant, but they're still hoping for spring/summer '08.
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