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Eater StarWatch: Aniston at Mozza, Pitt at Parc, Michael Cera at Birds, More Sightings

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It doesn't have to be a knocked-up Spears sister to get our attention. See a celeb, or semi-celeb, out and about? Please, drop your StarWatches here.

LIBRARY BAR: Our tipster wasn't sure if this was StarWatch worthy, but eh, sure. Knock yourself out: "KTLA entertainment correspondent, Sam Rubin, had what appeared to be a baileys and cream cocktail at the Library Bar in downtown LA last Friday, December 14 around 6pm. He was accompanied by a long haired blond woman?" [StarWatch Inbox]

PIZZERIA MOZZA: The best part, for celebstalkers anyway, about the pizzeria is that there is nowhere to hide. Jennifer Aniston and four friends had dinner last Wednesday, uninterrupted. [Defamer]

PARC: Did they split which restaurants they can go to in the divorce? Brad Pitt spotted at Shereen Arazm's Hollywood hot spot with Casey Affleck, and later Rachel McAdams cruised in. [Planet Gossip]

COMME CA: Now everyone wants that burger. Ben Foster (Six Feed Under "bisexual art school creep") leaving, Tom Welling entering last Thursday. [Defamer]

BIRDS: It's non-descript and hidden, which is why it's always frequented by celebs of every ilk. Spotted recently: Michael Cera (Juno/Superbad), who seems to be making the rounds, with a group of friends. Other side of the room, Dr. Abby Lockhart herself, Maura Tierney. [Defamer]

REAL FOOD DAILY: We don't know which location, but Jason Schwartzman, Ron Livingston and Elizabeth Reaser spotted, not together, all in one afternoon. [Defamer]

KOI: Celebrating her birthday with hubby and friends, Milla Jovovich. Do these people still go to Koi because they actually like it, appreciate how they treat famous people, or want to make the gossip columns? Just asking. [Planet Gossip]