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Eater Inside: Mucho Ultima Mexicana

Photo courtesy Mucho

There are those who morn the loss of longstanding Michi in Manhattan Beach, and others who maybe thought it was a bit tired. Maybe Michi himself was tired--he's back in Japan, we hear--but the prime location didn't sit empty for long. Enter Mucho Ultima Mexicana, another stylish, casual dining spot from Mike and Andrea Zislis, who own the Shade Hotel and the ever popular Rock'N Fish. This probably isn't where you'd go for the most authentic Mexican food in town, but all the typical Cal-Mex favorites are there: tacos, enchiladas, house-made salsas, fresh fruit muddled margaritas, mucho portions. Diners are in awe of the hand-held PDA ordering systems the servers use. Even on cold rainy South Bay winter nights, the place has long waits. Summer will be chaos. Further reading in the LAT.