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Beverly Hills' Musical Italian Restaurants

You can throw a piece of limp spaghetti in Beverly Hills and hit an Italian restaurant, and surprisingly, they all stay busy. Sometimes one morphs into another, but there's little change---new ownership, a new name, similar menus, often the same staff. It's just a rotating door of mediocre, yet wildly popular Italian fare. Sometimes change happens so fast, you don't know what hit you. Case in point: This summer Prego Ristorante became Forte, but today we found out that Forte will close after December 31. No clues as to what will replace it, but the twist: The new owner of the Prego/Forte space is Giulio Gallo, who owns Trilussa Ristorante kitty-corner on Brighton Way. Pasta monopoly, anyone?
· EaterWire: Prego Now Forte [~ELA~]