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Restaurants and the Rose Parade Route, or Why We Can't Get Coffee on Our Day Off

Chairs lined up in front of Euro Pane, Pasadena, 12/31/07, 4:45pm

One thing that makes us happiest is getting a pastry and coffee from Euro Pane on our day off. But these people---and almost a million more, plus floats, marching bands, and this year, Emeril---keep us from this simple pleasure on New Year's Day. What we relish in this equation: We'll have a roaring fire, copious amounts of Champagne and a hot, homecooked meal tonight; they will have cold concrete, no sleep, screaming kids and crappy campfire food. Sweet justice. (Is that wrong?) Euro Pane is open during the parade tomorrow, mostly for grab-and-go, but closes after. Many Old Town restaurants will open around around noon, after the fuss rolls by and the streets are cleared (which happens surprisingly fast.) The Rose Bowl starts at 2pm, just enough time for Illinois fans to hit Hooters for a bucket of wings and a few pitchers of beer. USC, we hope, knows better.