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The Dish: Nakkara on Beverly, Paseo Cantina and Green Street Tavern in the Dena

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Ah, the season of restaurant openings. See something pop its cork in your part of town? Let us know.

MID CITY/BEV CTR: Someone spotted Nakkara, a new Thai spot, on Beverly Boulevard a few weeks ago, so it was just amount of time before we had a look inside. From the tipster who sent this snap, before dinner: "Oddly, although it just opened Nakkara has a B rating. Perhaps from the place that was there before?" After dinner: "I'm a purist when it comes to Thai food so my expectations were zero due to the location and Americanized menu. Overall it's a cool little spot. The music was bad, new agey electronic with a hint of world instrumentaiton- but at least they're trying." [669 Beverly Blvd., (323) 937-3100] PASADENA: It's news when a restaurant opens in the 'Dena and isn't---surprise!---a Cheesecake Facrtory. Completely hidden by a huge tree next near DeLacey, you'd almost miss the closet of a spot, Green Street Tavern. Someone tipped us off to its existence adding that his meal was actually good. It looked like there were about 10 tables inside with a decent looking menu, this could quite possibly a good diversion from the Colorado Boulevard crowds. [69 W Green St., (626) 229-9961]

PASADENA: One thing Paseo Cantina has going for is that its door now faces the escalators at the Paseo Colorado, unlike Border Grill when it lived in that space. A few things Paseo Cantina doesn't have going for it: The atrocious floor-length skirt and ruffle shirt uniforms the servers wear, the menu that looks like pedestrian Mexican fare, the Porto's-bought pastries getting stale in the dessert case. With significant signage around the Paseo Colorado mall, perhaps this one will have staying power. [260 E Colorado Blvd, (626) 683-3100]