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Adventures in PR: It's Morton's, Not Arnie Morton's

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This is why publicists make the big bucks. Apparently the closing of Morton's, on Robertson and Melrose, has confused Arnie Morton's fans, so the PR firm for Arnie Morton's was forced to send a release announcing the closure of Morton's. The rep asked us to set things straight:

In an effort to clear up any confusion, Morton’s The Steakhouse is announcing that the Morton’s restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. that has recently announced plans to close, is not one of the 78 worldwide Morton’s The Steakhouse locations, which in the Los Angeles area are known as Arnie Morton’s The Steakhouse. In fact, Morton’s in West Hollywood bears no affiliation with the Morton’s Restaurant Group.

Morton’s in West Hollywood, the restaurant that is slated to close its doors at the end of the year, was founded by famed Hard Rock Café maven and son of Arnie Morton, Peter Morton in 1979. Plans for the space to be converted by British hotelier Nick Jones into a membership-only social club called Soho House West Hollywood are currently underway.

No, no exasperation in her voice there. So no, the Morton's Beverly Hills steakhouse is not closing. We repeat: Morton's on La Cienega, not closing. People, people, people. If you would just read your Eater, this mucky-muck would never happen.
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