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Eater Inside: Green Street Tavern

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Not the best Inside shot, but you get the idea

For those looking for a decent food fix in Pasadena, we have a few more details on Green Street Tavern, which was mentioned yesterday. A little buzz goes a long way in a 30-seat space: It was packed last night and today. Why we never heard of it before: It's hidden behind a tree, across from Buca di Beppo and Twin Palms. The chef is Pasadean Mike Montoya, a Patina Group alum who also worked with David Lentz way back at Opaline and with Stephen Starr in Philadelphia, and this is owner Armen Hakobyan's first restaurant in the States. The menu is straight-forward California bistro, seasonal, reasonable prices. Funny that someone voted it "Best New Restaurant of 2007" (it's only two months old), but if everything is well-executed, it could be just what the neighborhood needs.