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Santa Monica Seafood: Moving, 10th Street Café Just Interim

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After a few calls to the Santa Monica Seafood headquarters, we learn the fate of the existing Colorado Boulevard shop, and in turn, the newly opened 10th Street Cafe. Here's the gist: The original SM Seafood location will close sometime next year and will reopen at the 10th Street Cafe location. The new cafe is really a test kitchen for now and will close in a few months for renovations to begin. We still don't know what Oscar-winnig Palisades actor purchased the Colorado building and what he plans to do with it, but if you do, please, some love. Bonus points and a year supply of fish and chips** to anyone who sends a snap of the new location's renderings hanging in the cafe. UPDATE: That literally took 4.3 minutes, and we have an answer: "Its Tom Hanks and the space will be used to film little projects of his." The puzzle is complete.
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**Subject to availability