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Bon Appetit: Growing Young?

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Starting in January, Bon Appetit magazine rolls out new logo to spruce up and feel younger, but New York Magazine's Grub Street isn't buying it:

Even among such magazines, Bon Appétit is the most boring, an ad-packed Nembutal calling to mind the "women's pages" where newspapers used to publish their party recipes. With the Food Network, the Internet, and a dozen more interesting magazines at their disposal, there's no way we can imagine someone under 40 reading Bon Appetit.
Kind of harsh. We know plenty of fine people under 40 who not only read the magazine but actually work at BA---after all, the best way to feel young is to surround yourself with young people. According to editor-in-chief Babara Fairchild, "Think of it in fashion terms: We've simply changed and freshened our lipstick or, perhaps, traded in our pair of sensible shoes for something a little more stylish." Kind of a dowdy statement, but we get the point: The mag doesn't want to ruffle feathers of the truly devoted but needed to do something for a little attention. Still, donning a new pair of Jimmy Choos or this season's MAC colors can only mask a woman's real age for so long.
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