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Miss Irene Spotted at All' Angelo

We can't vouch for the validity of this statement, but someone supposedly saw the intrepid LA Times food critic at Stefano Ongaro's new All' Angelo last night. Here's the full report, but be prepared to slosh through (what we think is) some serious flackage. Thus, an excerpt:

On one side of me was Joe Rogan, Patty Jenkins and friends laughing and drinking and cleaning every plate put in front of them; on the other side was the adorable Chef Eldroy from BLD and his friends toasting and tasting; and then there was Miss Irene, who did not waste any time getting in to check out what Stefano and Chef Mirko have got going on at this non-descript Melrose jewel.
Ok, first, they're lucky we're more interested in a Miss Irene sighting than this obvious plant on Chowhound; if there was ever an example of "Adventures in Shilling," this is it. Secondly: Joe Rogan? Really?? But on to what's important: Did Miss Irene know that everyone knew it was her? Did she get special treatment? Did Stefano dote on her? Did Mirko come out and greet her? She wasn't so kind to the chef when he opened Bridge, so it's already an uphill battle.

If All' Angelo is lucky, this visit was for next week's Critic's Notebook. But if she does a full-on review so soon, she should be embarassed. After all, uber pizzeria Mozza got a good two months under its belt before getting the three-star treatment. If anyone else dined at All' Angelo last night and has something juicy to report (ie. older woman throwing a tantrum because her corkage is $40, she didn't like her seat, it was too loud), bring it.
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