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The Pinkberry Backlash Begins

Pinkberry, Ned Raggett

Pinkberry opens every 2.1 seconds** in this city, and it shows no signs of stopping. But while some seem addicted to the froyo and anxiously await the next opening, especially if it's in their neighborhood, others are getting sick and tired of the frickin' bad attitudes from the Pinkberryistas. Yet another complaint hits Chowhound yesterday, and one hits our inbox:

Saturday night, my sister and my mom decided to stop by the one in Koreatown, ordered two yogurts to go, and when one came out before the other they asked the employee for a bag of ice (nicely!) so it wouldn't melt. The employee decided that putting some ice in a bag was way too much trouble, and threw it at my mom. When asked with disbelief if he just threw it, he said, "Yeah, I threw that bag of ice at you". My mom, being the nice lady that she is, then threw it right back at him. I called that store later, and I found out the ice thrower is none other than the manager of the store.
Look how sterile it is. All that pulling and scooping can really get to a person. It's maddening. Then again, maybe it's the yogurt itself; maybe some evil genius living on an island shaped like a styrofoam cup in the middle of the Pacific created this masterful blend of frozen yogurt to make people go crazy and turn on each other. Naturally, the Pinkberryistas do nothing all day but eat green tea-swirled froyo. Our advice: Watch that Pinkberry intake, people, lest you become a bitter froyo addict. Soon you'll be shivering on the street corner, "Just give me some yo' man. I just need some yo'," and hissing at people who ignore you. Worse--you'll start throwing bags of ice at random passersby.

However, if you're in the Yay Pinkberry! camp, a Venice neighborhood council meeting just approved a Pinkberry on Abbot Kinney Blvd. across from Abbot's Habit, and the Pasadena outpost is looking for help. And the onslaught continues...
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**Eater LA estimates