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UPDATE: The Year of Ramsay: It's On!

UPDATE: Fox got a whiff of this and went after the source like a rabid, flesh-eating tiger. So to save said source's face from getting ripped off, we're letting the rabid FOX tiger win this round, and we removed links to the source's site, which led to a post about his experience with Gordon Ramsay, which has already been removed anyway.

The third season of Hell's Kitchen is said to air in March, and we've heard little about the production or contestants—until now. An "anonymous teenager" attends a high school where five HK3 contestants landed for a Top Chef-like cooking challenge. Although he signed away rights to blab too much and didn't offer any crazy chef Ramsay antics, he did give a rundown of dishes tasted with his comments ("ok, but a bit too thick and greasy, but then again, she was making it for teenagers," "Very dry, bland, and starchy"). Yes, this is a teenager with a palate, and we love that. He might divulge the winner of the challenge, but in light of all the Top Chef hooplah last month, we'll encourage you to click through if you must know figure it out when it airs.
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