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Flip That Restaurant Looking for Flippers

Go from this... to this (like Eleven)

The TLC home renovation show Flip That House has plans for a one-hour spinoff special, Flip That Restaurant, which is less about flipping than gutting, trashing, redesigning, selecting, planning, plotting, fighting, crying, bitching, smiling, and finally opening a restaurant. Knowing our deep affection for the Plywood, a producer has reached out to Eater LA for help:

"We are looking for people that are ready to rebuild/demo a space for their new restaurant. We want to document everything from design, construction, menu design, plates, right down to the silverware they use and why. We are looking for people that are ready now or in the next month or two. In addition, the time frame we're looking for is no longer then 6 months.
That means if you are a chef and/or restaurateur who has big dreams of opening a restuarant by, say, summer, and you have the space, the licensing, and the ball just started rolling, and you want showcase yourself (for better or worse) and the project on national TV, then this is your gig.

To apply, go here, contact Clyde Burley or Nicola Farris at 310.202.1272, or just email Eater LA and we'll put you in touch.