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Eater Inside: Table 8...So That's What It Looks Like

When the lights are on, the new Thomas Schoos-designed Table 8 is actually quite lovely. When the lights are low, well, it's hard to tell. Here you can really see the purple walls, the leather chairs, the different textures. They're still moving around some furniture, trying to create the right flow, especially in the lounge. A day bed now off to the side was once in the middle of the lounge, and people were unsure of what to do with it. One unconfirmed report has the LA Times food critic Miss Irene tumbling on it, we assume, to get comfortable. The lounge has been the busier room so far, but the dining room is equally black, purple, kind of sexy. One early report offers a positive critque about the food...even if they couldn't see it that well.
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