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Ludo Guest Cheffing at Bin 8945

Know this about The Eater: We'll use this image of Ludovic "Ludo" Lefebvre any chance we get. Why? He's in the surf. He's shirtless. He's oozing masculinity with those two giant striped bass dangling from his grip, as if he reached into the ocean like Poseidon himself and pulled them out. (Ahh... one of Judith Regan's shining moments at Regan Books, which published his cookbook Crave, where that pic came from.) Sadly, it's not what Ludo looks like when he's whipping up dishes like his deconstructed Bloody Mary, oyster gelee with foie gras chantilly, poached langoustines with udon, and caviar panna cotta. And we haven't seen those, or him, since Bastide closed.

After he announced his departure from the still-unopen Bastide last fall, we heard he was in New York, then San Francisco. Now it looks like he's back, at least for a stint. A reader just tipped us off that Ludo will guest chef at Bin 8945 on March 25 serving some of those dishes mentioned above.
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