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Eater Headhunter: Another new start for TART?

Is this a coincidence or a direct result: One day after The Knife sliced into Tart at the Farmer's Daughter Hotel, there's an ad on Craigslist practically begging for a GM to whip that girl into shape.

We are seeking a talented General Manager to assume immediate operational responsibility for the hip & unique 'Tart' restaurant located inside Farmer's Daughter Hotel, a family owned hotel for over thirty years.
We've given Tart four chances over the last year, and each time it was lackluster. But look at it! It's so darn cute, and it has a great patio. This place should be packed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel owner admitted to not having any restaurant experience whatsoever when it opened, surely that should have changed by now. This first year has been tough, but at least they're still trying. This has Deathwatch written all over it, but sometimes we just don't want to use the stamp. So we'll hold off with Tart. It is attached to a hotel, and the hotel isn't closing; but we'll keep it on the DW radar just in case. She really needs a hero, though.
· Tart at Farmer's Daughter Hotel [The Knife]
· Restaurant General Manager--Tart at Farmer's Daughter Hotel [Craigslist]

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