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New Chef at Bar Marmont and Chateau Marmont

From Scelerat, Flickr

We got tipped off by the Food & Wine magazine blog, of all places, that Carolynn Spence from NYC's Spotted Pig has taken the exec chef reins at Bar Marmont and will soon take over at the hotel, too. Recall that Bar Marmont, once owned by Sean MacPherson and managed by Jared Meisler (both of Jones, El Carmen, Good Luck Bar, and Bar Lubitsch fame), closed briefly last year due to a falling out between The Chateau's owner Andre Balazs and MacPherson. Bar Marmont was one of Eater LA's favorite after-hours eating spots, with a rockin' burger and potent, albeit expensive, cocktails. At least the food will still be good:

Spence has brought a "damn good" burger with her (the cheese topping, which is blue and non-negotiable at the Pig, can be Cheddar or Gruyère and is optional here), and has created a bunch of dishes such as hearty baked Manchego with romesco sauce and a succulent braised-lamb-and-feta cheese sandwich.
What we really want to know is if the space has also gone through a transformation. Are the butterflies gone? What about the nookie nook? Are the drinks the same? We haven't been since before it closed, so we'll have to take your word for it.
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