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Eater's Journal: All' Angelo

Here we have Eater's Journal, in which we muse on recent meals. We, like any good Eater should, dine out a lot, so we might as well discuss.

We were recently invited to checkout the four-week-old All' Angelo on Melrose for dinner and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal. It's tres intimate, nowhere to hide if you don't want to be seen. It was fairly quiet the night we went, save for the couple sucking face in a booth near the front door. The space isn't heavy on design, just comfortable. A small bar (four, maybe five, stools) at the back of the restaurant could easily suffice for a glass of vino and a nosh. We brushed by chef Mirko Poderno shaving salumi on an antique meat slicer that's near the bar; seems odd since it's right in the dining room, but it also felt very Italian, in a "welcome to our house!" kind of way. The menu has some unusual finds like braised veal, pork ribs, and homemade sausage over cabbage, potato ravioli with rich mushroom sauce, and lemon bread pudding. Tasty. Ongaro picked our wines, and after umpteen years at Valentino and Il Grano, the man's got mad skills. Our server, a seasoned professional and not just an actress-in-waiting, was fantastic; apparently she's a favorite of Miss Irene's husband who was very excited to see her when they dined at All' Angelo last. All in all, All' Angelo is a great neighborhood find.
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