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Plywood Report: Charcoal in Hollywood, Romanov in the Valley, and Tanzore BH

WEST HOLLYWOOD: The Adolfo Suaya/Michael Sutton steakhouse Charcoal is still coming, according to the signage out front. The restaurant anchors the Sunset/Ivar corner of the Arclight complex. A reader writes: "Saw a restaurant permit sign in the window of "Charcoal at the Dome." Large space. I think I saw the makings of a fire pit too." Oooo?more fire pits. [Eater]

STUDIO CITY: Latest word about Mikayel Israyelyan's new Russian-themed Romanov Restaurant + Lounge is that it will softly open on Monday, Feb. 26. Food definitely has a Russian slant, plus there's plenty of caviar and vodka to be had. Margaret "Peg" O'Brien, who designed Israyelyan's Repuplic Restaruant and lounge in West Hollywood, designed the space. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS: The owners of Gaylord Indian restaurant will soon open Tanzore in its place. Tanzore looks to be an upscale restaurant and lounge with "Indian fusion" cuisine. They're looking at a late March, early April opening. [EaterWire]