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FW: My Two Cents on the Patina Group

Sometimes an Eater just needs to get something off their chest, and we're here for you. Enter the Eater Complaints Dept., where you can vent, vent, vent and never be kicked off the boards. Got something to say? Hit us with it.

From: [an eater]
Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
To: Eater Complaints Dept.
Subject: My Two Cents on the Patina Group


I noticed your post on the news from the Patina Group. I had an unfortunate encounter with a PG establishment this weekend. I had lunch with my parents at Pinot Grill, in front of the Mark Taper Forum. We knew when we went that it wouldn't be great but we needed to eat before going to the Ahmanson, we didn't have time to go far and Kendall's downstairs was full.

My first problem with the place is that they serve only bottled water. The waiter implied that they don't have tap water because they're out on the plaza. What bullshit! They had no problem serving me iced tea from a pitcher. Why not have some pitchers of water?

I had ahi on a bed of sauteed vegetables that was passable, but for a lunch entree that cost $24 I expected than I received. First off, you'd think they could afford to serve on something better than crappy plastic plates. Even simple glass dishes would have been better. And when the waiter came to refill my parents' coffee cups, the pitcher--plastic of course--was dirty, covered with spots of spilled coffee. For $24 an entree, clean the damn coffee pitcher. And finally, when the waiter came to clear my parents' salad plate, he made them KEEP THEIR FORKS! I was pretty shocked.

The whole place just felt like a rip-off concession stand at an arena somewhere (which is I guess exactly what it is) with an overall attitude of "we're all you've got so we don't need to care about you and can charge whatever the hell we want." Don't know if these sorts of rants are useful to you but in any case, there it is.


We love rants, praise, comments, gossip, and everything in between. Just say it, don't spray it.

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