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BataliWatch '07: Batali in the House

Excellent intel just hit the inbox:

"Just left Mozza -- I was surprised to see Batali wandering around. Mostly moving in between the Mozza kitchen and the Osteria site. Followed around by a few folks in expensive suits.

Batali seemed jovial - same old fleece vest over a tshirt, and green khaki shorts. At one point he escorted Jill Hennessy out with a stack of to-go pizzas and then disappeared back into the Osteria site. I only got a very brief glimpse inside before the hostess caught the door behind him - still looking construction site-esque, sadly.

Those expensive suits are just making sure their money is used in all the right places and not on another pair of orange clogs. This bodes well for the afore-mentioned April opening date. Sometimes it takes a village: Keep sending us the Mozza intel---Batali sightings and all---and we'll make sure to include in the countdown.
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