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EaterWire: Milk Opens Thursday, Richie's is Mulberry's Cousin, Skybar Makes a Comeback, Michi Sold?

· MILK: It will do a body good, this Thursday at 7am. That's when the café/ice cream/goodie shop opens in the former Richard Tyler space on Beverly Boulevard. We seriously hope they stock up on those homemade bon bons; it's going to be a temperate 68 degrees on Thursday. Good ice cream eatin' weather. [EaterWire; Eating L.A.]

· One said it was like 1998, the other said 1999: Skybar got its groove back last week. [EaterWire;]

· Two weeks ago, we noticed Richie's Famous Pizzeria opening on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. A reader sent us an article that connects Richie's to Mulberry Street Pizza. If anyone can confirm or deny, we're all ears. [EaterWire Inbox]

· A little South Bay action for ya: Someone tipped us off that Michi in Manhattan Beach was sold to a new restaurant group, which sometimes means a quick demise. But the website says the restaurant just celebrated its 10 year anniversary last month. Again? all ears. [EaterWire Inbox]