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Kiwiberry Closed After Three Months, Begs for Help

Riding on the coattails of Pinkberry's success, several froyo mutations started popping up around LA, like Kiwiberry which opened in September; three short months later, it's closed. A reader sent in this photo, but didn't see any contstruction inside and wondered what's going on. Here's what we know: That Food Network logo leads us to believe the fairly new (and franchised; an outpost also opened in Rowland Heights) Kiwiberry will be on Restaurant Makeover, a show usually reserved for long-time existing restaurants in need of a spit shine. They were probably just trying to cash in on the -berry craze, but tread to closely to the Pink and couldn't find success. We'll see if Kiwiberry is closed for good, or if it mutates into some other frozen dessert cafe.
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